• Signature Solo
  • Signature Synchronicity
  • 600 Years in a Moment
  • Sensual Journeys
  • LIVE at the Q
  • Christmas Joy
  • Blue Dream
  • ICE - Piano Slightly Chilled
  • Angel Above my Piano
  • Portrait of a Waterfall
  • Music for Massage

Newsflash 4

LITTLE HARTLEY MUSIC is dedicated to promoting the very best in new music. Music inspired by the world, the landscape, our emotions and our thoughts… This is beyond genre - just good music that lifts the spirit and soothes the soul ...

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COMING SOON to Little Hartley Music more exciting artists including Grammy Winning Guitarist Will Ackerman, Founder of Windham Hill Records...

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Special Introductory Offer, Purchase five artists for $72.00+ $12 Postage, And receive FREE Award winning album Portrait of a Waterfall by Fiona Joy Hawkins This offer also includes a FREE 6 CD table-topstand...

Newsflash 1

Fiona Joy's song 'Grace' featured on Grammy Winner 2015:  New Age Album (Winds of Samsara)

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