• Signature Solo
  • Signature Synchronicity
  • 600 Years in a Moment
  • Sensual Journeys
  • LIVE at the Q
  • Christmas Joy
  • Blue Dream
  • ICE - Piano Slightly Chilled
  • Angel Above my Piano
  • Portrait of a Waterfall
  • Music for Massage

About Little Hartley Music


is dedicated to promoting the very best in new music.
Music inspired by the world, the landscape, our emotions and our thoughts…
Good music is beyond genre - its just 'good' music.

Little Hartley Music is a boutique company representing a select handfull of the finest artists from around the world who's music we are drawn to and driven to share. Our musicians combine elements of Classical, Popular, Contemporary Instrumental, Folk, Jazz and World Music.



Our artists are featured throughout Australia and Asia, in venues such as The Bennalong Restaurant - Sydney Opera House, Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre and other major concert halls, 12,000 Cafes/Restaurants/Shopping Centres, Australian radio and television, major airlines. Digital distribution and licencing, including sales, into China, Taiwan and Korea.



Media Relations: Beth Hilton, The B Company:

All Enquiries:  

Artwork & Design Contact: Alicia Moodley: Folio:

Little Hartley Music: PO Box 24 Kendall NSW 2439 AUSTRALIA. 0428637498 E: Contact Us



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PO Box 24
Kendall NSW 2439
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fionajoymusic This Stuart and Sons Piano is made of Tasmanian Sassafras #piano #rarepiano #sassafras #tasmania
fionajoymusic Just found a few old photos of recording sessions with the FLOW team. flowthegroup @Jeff_Oster
fionajoymusic Vibrational Healing with Fiona Joy #NowPlaying
fionajoymusic How lovely, what a wonderful saying.
fionajoymusic THANKS so much @CrusaderBeach - tweeting and singing it to the world now. Your playlists are beautiful.
fionajoymusic RT @CrusaderBeach: Just updated my Spotify Beautiful Modern Piano playlist with music by @BrunoSanfilippo @doughammer @fionajoymusic @kylel
fionajoymusic RT @LisaKamen: #Backstage and in the Spotlight, #Living the #Dream in the Performance #Arts with Normand LaTourelle of @Cavalia, Fiona Hawk…
fionajoymusic RT @HH4Heroes: #Backstage and in the Spotlight, #Living the #Dream in the Performance #Arts with Normand LaTourelle of @Cavalia, Fiona Hawk…

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