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    Little Hartley Music

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    Featuring albums produced by Will Ackerman the founder of Windham Hill Records

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    Contemporary Instrumental, Easy Listening & World Music

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  • 600 Years in a Moment
  • Sensual Journeys
  • LIVE at the Q
  • Christmas Joy
  • Blue Dream
  • ICE - Piano Slightly Chilled
  • Angel Above my Piano
  • Portrait of a Waterfall
  • Music for Massage




Contemporary Instrumental (with vocals),
Easy Listening & World Music

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Artists: Fiona Joy, Trysette, Two Grand I'm Yours, Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, Kori Linae Carothers, Jeff Pearce, Paul Jensen, Lawrence Blatt

You are listening to exerpts from Blue Dream by Fiona Joy Hawkins, produced by the founder of Windham Hill Records, Will Ackerman


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fionajoyhawkins Im touched by EB Eric Bjarnason Martin Martin who made a video using my music and pics of my paintings. I had...
fionajoyhawkins YOU are my record label support. YOU are Sony, Universal and Windham Hill all rolled into one. YOU are all we...
fionajoyhawkins Four of my Best songs come to you for FREE if you go to this link and put FREE SONGS in the message box.
fionajoyhawkins Me please, Red will be perfectly fine - but you can lose the bow. :)
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fionajoyhawkins And another musical Aussie who makes Australia Day worth celebrating - we have a rich indigenous culture and need...
fionajoyhawkins Some of the very best of Australia. Makes me proud on Australia Day. I had Kevin Hunt play at a house concert...
fionajoyhawkins Thank goodness Christmas is over! I know this is on my Chrissy album, but its a year rounder - its my cover of...
fionajoyhawkins Four of my Best songs FREE if you go to this link and put SONGS 4 FREE in the message
fionajoyhawkins Can't wait. Who else is coming?


LITTLE HARTLEY MUSIC is dedicated to promoting the very best in new music. Music inspired by the world, the landscape, our emotions and our thoughts… This is beyond genre - just good music that lifts the spirit and soothes the soul ...